Auto Data Wiki Blog The Future of Automobiles: What’s Next for The Car Industry?

The Future of Automobiles: What’s Next for The Car Industry?

The rapid technological developments in various industries have not passed the automobiles without making a change. Small and big companies are working towards the future of the automobile in directions like autonomous driving or ecological propulsion systems.

What is the future of automobiles?

At the age of about 80, the car started developing into a separate system that was better than the auto-rickshaw. The car developed with innovation in fields like autonomous driving, the information society and different economical needs. But still the question remains the same. Can we afford to change the way of life we have lived for centuries? The major changes for the next couple of years will be in the ways of purchase. Our traditional way of buying the automobile will change. We can buy the automobile from any place, the time, and through the internet. We have just to drive or ride the automobile. 3D Printing Currently, it is believed that 3D printing technology would eventually replace the traditional manufacturing process.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

A few years ago, electric vehicles were considered as an exotic technology and a niche product. However, the rapid developments in the electric vehicle market have redefined the future of automobiles. Consider this: Volkswagen AG, GM, Tesla, BMW, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Daimler AG, FCA, Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen Group (China) have formed the global industry alliance called “Projekt InterConnect” with the aim of working together to build an ecosystem of electric vehicle products and drive systems. The development of electric vehicle technology has created a significant buzz among the automotive manufacturers.

Self-Driving Cars

The sale of cars and light commercial vehicles are going to reach a lot of new peaks in future as the industry is moving toward autonomous driving. Companies like Google, Tesla Motors, Volvo, and Delphi are leading the way towards the commercialization of self-driving cars. One of the biggest areas of growth for the automotive industry is the transition towards autonomous vehicles. The advancement of technology in this field has been remarkable. Also, on the adoption side, automobile industry is putting all efforts to offer smart features in their cars to improve consumer comfort and safety. Eco-Friendly Vehicles In future, the most valuable buyers of cars are going to be eco-friendly car buyers.


The automobile industry is a rapidly evolving industry which is reshaping the way we drive or travel. The automakers are looking forward to overcome the challenges faced by the industry and are leveraging on the technologies to take the automobile industry to a newer level.